2017 Distribution Estimates

The Muhlenkamp Fund will be making distributions in 2017. The following estimated amounts could change between now and the distribution date due to portfolio and shareholder activity. Since we will not know the actual amounts until well into December, we encourage you to check our website and to sign up for our email list so we can tell you what we know, when we know it.

The 2017 long-term capital gain distribution is expected to be between $2.00 and $3.00 per share (as of 11/14/2017). So, you could receive approximately $35 – $53 for every thousand dollars in your account. There will also be an income dividend distribution of approximately $.25 per share, which would be about $4.40 for every $1,000 in your account. There will be NO short-term capital gain distribution in 2017.

The record date for the distribution will be December 27, 2017 and the payable and ex-dividend dates will be December 28, 2017. You will receive a distribution based on the shares you own as of December 27, 2017.

Please visit the Fund Distributions page of our website for answers to frequently asked distribution questions, updates to distribution amounts, and information on how to make changes to your distribution options which determine whether your distribution is reinvested or distributed in cash (for non-IRA accounts only). Distribution options may be changed prior to the payable date using an Account Options Form and some requests may be made by speaking to a Shareholder Services Representative at (800)860-3863.

Note: This information is for tax planning purposes and should not be used for tax reporting.

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